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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Recent Reads

"Crewel Yule" Monica Ferris

This is the 8th book in the mystery series about the owner of a needlecraft and knitting store set in the real town of Excelsior, MN. I read it around the holidays because it was set in mid-December. In fact, I had started to read it in summer and put it aside to read until later and I was in a holiday mood. These types of books are quick and enjoyable reads. I love anything involving knitting and crafting and need to get the next book in the installment - I'll keep checking for it at the used book store.

"How to Be Lost" Amanda Eyre Ward

Great, intriguing mystery written in a very unique way. Some of the chapters are devoted to different characters and some are interwoven with the past and present. Plot is about a five-year-old child who disappears and her remaining family 15-years later. A very good read.

"Second Chance" Jane Green

I have rediscovered this author and find that I just love her. She taps into the emotional core of women, and definitely gets the struggles of single moms, parenting, grief and loss. I have decided to read all of her books that I have not yet read. This one is about four old school mates who reconnect 20 years later when one of the group is killed in a terrorist attack. They end up having to reexamine their lives and the choices they've made. I think I will add this book to the shelf where I put my grief books (fiction and non-fiction) because I found Green did an excellent job of portraying grief and its effect on friends, family members, relationships, etc .