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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Books Read March 2011

1. "Ghost In My Soup" Judi Miller
Middle-school-age geared book about a 10-year-old who moves into a home inhabited by a ghost whom he eventually helps cross over to the other side. Interesting that it was written in 1985 before all the ghost interest increased.

2. "The Tuesday Erotica Club" Lisa Beth Kovetz
A group of women working in a law office meet on Tuesday afternoons to read their erotic stories out loud. Interesting concept - a widowed, mom in need of sex has to get her fix someplace!

3. "The Ten Year Nap" Meg Wolitz
Picked this up for 3 bucks at the dollar store. Substantial novel about the lives of four middle-aged women friends in their 40s - where they are in their lives, their past decisions, regrets/fears, etc.

4. "The House of Mirth" Edith Wharton
Probably my favorite Wharton novel so far. Finding a lot to relate to in socialite Lily Bart's plunge into poverty at the turn of the century. Also, descriptive of how friends can so quickly abandon us.

5. "The Return Journey" Maeve Binchy
A nice collection of uplifting short stories.