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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Books Read June 2011

!. "Fly Away Home" Jennifer Weiner
Love this author. Great read about a midle-aged woman (57) having to face life-changing decisions after her husband has an affair. Nice that she has the money and a family vacation home on the ocean to retreat to for solitude and recovery, but I'll let that pass.

2. "The Bean Trees" Barbara Kingsolver
Have meant to read this one for years. Decent story about a young woman discovering herself in a move from Kentucky to Arizona and her relationship with the little girl "given" to her whom she ends up adopting.

3. "Best Friends Forever" Jennifer Weiner
Great beach read! Loved it. Kind of like Thelma and Louise. Fast-paced but meaningful. Two friends reconnect and reestablish their relationship within a crazy week.

4. "Life's a Beach" Claire Cook
Nice to read a novel about mid-life women. This one about two sisters, one in her 40s the other just turning 50. Like that Cook's characters face challenges and life events that cause them tomake new decisions and life plans as this one does.

5. "Mennonite in a Little Black Dress" Rhoda Janzen
Funny memoir about a young woman in her 40s raised as a Mennonite who has to redirect her life after her husband leaves her for another man. She ends up returning home and to her faith for healing.

6. "Rabbit, Run" John Updike
I love Updike but not this novel which is supposed to be his best. The characters are horrible and the plot line depressing. About a 26-year-old father who leaves his 7-month pregnant wife and two-year-old son to escape his drudgery. A terrible family tragedy results. Not sure I can read the three novels that follow this one in the series as this guy progresses though life.