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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Books Read Summer - December 2011

Not in exact order

1. "The Dogs of Babel" Carolyn Parkhurst
Really interesting novel about a college professor who tries to teach his dog to talk as a way to find out how his wife died. The dog witnessed her death. Interesting observations about grief/death.

2. "Loving Frank" Nancy Horan
Another interesting read -picked up for a buck at Half-Price Books. Fictionalized account of Frank Lloyd Wright's life.

3. "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" Sidney Sheldon
Good suspenseful tale of a murder conspiracy. Two scientist guys get killed and their young widows join forces to figure out what is going on.

4. "The Last Chance Saloon" Marian Keyes
Another good one by this Irish author. Age 30ish group of friends figuring it out together in London.

5. "Crossroads" Belva Plain
Great read centered on a wealthy glass-making family in New England. The story centers on the adopted daughter of the family and a woman who obsesses about her and her life.

6. "Firefly Summer" Maeve Binchy
My main summer saga read. 662 pages about a group of rural Irish townspeople in the 1960s.

7. "Unpredictable" Eileen Cook
Cute chick lit read about a 30ish career gal and her antics at impersonating a physic to win her live-in boyfriend back. Happy ending with a new guy predicted.

7. "Wish You Were Here" Stewart O'Nan
Liked this novel involving family relationships and the death of the father. Everyone spends a last vacation at the family lake house before it is to be sold.

8. "The Almost Moon" Alice Sebold
By the author of "The Lovely Bones." Interesting plot about a middle-aged woman who kills her elderly mother.

9. "Mystery" Jonathan Kellerman
n Alex Delaware novel, but as is per usual with me, once read, I don't recall much of the plot. Always enjoy the read though.

10. "Big Girl" Danielle Steel
Love her books, quick and enjoyable reads - and do remember her plots. This one interestingly about a larger-sized young woman. Appreciate Steel incorporating a size-14 wearing woman as her main character.

11. "The Kiss" Danielle Steel
Very dramatic tale set in Paris about a woman in a love-less marriage and her relationship with a male "friend." Aren't all Steel novels dramatic?

12. "The Way Men Act" Elinor Lipman
Just got introduced to this author from some books I picked up at the Library book sale. Love her quirky sense of humor - reminds me of Anne Tyler's style. This plot was about young, single adults returning home and their efforts at finding love and moving responsibly onward.

13. "The Widows of Eastwick" John Updike
30 years have passed in the Witches of Eastwick's lives and they have become widowed after remarrying so long ago. Great read - I loved "The Witches of Eastwick" too.

14. "Run" Ann Patchett
Good, interesting plot about the lives of two families who connect at the site of an accident and how they are really connected to each other as relatives, unknown to them before the event.

15. "The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club" Gil McNeil
I enjoy any book about knitting. Here is another English tale about a young widow who inherits her elderly relative's yarn shop and is able to move to a quaint seaside town and rebuild her life. Wish I had an elderly relative with a yarn shop to inherit. Still, good for the words about knitting and project inspiration.

16. "After the leaves Fall" Nicole Baart
Very good read about a young woman growing up in a small Iowa town and her life after losing both her parents. Five stars.

17. "6 Rainier Drive" Debbie Macomber
6th in the series about a small community in Washington state. There are about 6 more to go. Macomber has been writing these every year and I enjoy them because some of the characters knit and some of the characters are middle-aged and living active, love-filled lives. It gives me hope that I'll get remarried again too and have a rewarding career.

18. "Heart Full of Lies" Ann Rule
I like reading these true crime sagas - this one about an evil, conniving woman who murders her husband. Makes me wonder how these crazy people out there think they will get away with their evil actions.

19. "Skinny Dip" Carl Hiaasen
Just found this author at the library book sale. Very humorous and funny. Lighthearted to take your mind off the crappy stuff. Quirky characters like Seinfeld.

20. "Nature Girl" Carl Hiaasen
Ditto above.

21. "The Neighbor" Lisa Gardner
Mystery writer who comes up with some good tales. This one keeps you guessing til the end. About a young wife who disappears and the search for her while her husband is suspected.

22. "When Day Breaks" Mary Jane Clark
Good suspense novel about a murder in the community of a t.v. news program.

23. "House Rules" Jodi Picoult
Really good novel about a teen boy with Autism and the murder charges against him. Excellent, absolutely excellent insight into Autism - very realistic and curernt.

24. "The Inn at Lake Devine" Elinor Lipman
I'm loving this author. Period piece set in 1960s at an inn in Vermont and prejudice against Jews.

25. "The Ladies Man" Elinor Lipman
Enjoyable read about three unwed sisters and their brother and what happens when an old flame of one of the sisters who jilted her prior to marriage returns 30 years later.

26. "Ramona and Her Father" Beverly Cleary
Actually a very good vintage read because it involves how and 8-year-old feels when her dad looses his job and the family has to pinch pennies before Christmas.

27. "Seven Year Switch" Claire Cook
Love this author too. Her books include advice for mid-life women reclaiming their energy, love and relationships with themselves and significant others.

28. "Rebecca" Saphne DuMaurier
Have wanted to read this classic forever but always had a hard time getting into it. This time I stayed with it and it was worth it. Interesting to read a suspense novel from the 1938.

29. "The Right Thing" Judy Astley
Good read about a middle-aged "mum" in England near the Cornish surf who wonders about the daughter she gave up at birth.