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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Regretful Decisions

Just finished "The Memory Keeper's Daughter," by Kim Edwards. An intriguing book that was quite popular a few years back. The plot of the story involves a doctor in 1964 who in a fluke snowstorm has to deliver his wife's first baby. But the wife ends up having unexpected twins, one of whom has Down Syndrome. The doctor makes the decision to spare his wife from the grief involved in raising the infant girl and "gives" her away. The wife thinks she only gave birth to the healthy son. The details of the lives of the separated twins is outlined in the book.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keeping Track of Books

Had to create a blog to keep track of my reading. I don't like it being a part of my other main blog. This is mainly for me because I like to maintain a list of what I read. Today I finished "Cat's Eye" by Margaret Atwood which I thoroughly enjoyed. I picked up the book at a big used book sale last fall. I have read the 20 or so books I picked up at the sale and am anxiously looking forward for this year's. This book allowed me to escape to another city and country, Toronto, Canada and a different era, the 1940s-1980s.

The story is supposed to be somewhat autobiographical. I liked the tale because it dealt with families, relationships, interactions and the large and small aspects of life that make up our personal histories. A majority focus of the book involves the main character's difficulties with her group of junior high age girl friends. Having experienced this same sort of stuff when I was that age, which was awful, I was able to totally relate.

Now I have to figure out what I'll read next. I'm running out of titles on my bookshelf. But every night I read before bed so will have to pull something off the shelf.